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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Unity Showcase Article on Hearthstone:

"[Playmaker] was actually a big help in enabling our art team to independently make cool events in-game.”
Jason Chayes, Production Director, Hearthstone


"Playmaker is the smoothest and most intuitive way for non-coders to implement functionality into our games!"
Andreas N Grøntved, Lead Animator, Playdead


"INSIDE" © Playdead, 2016

Dreamfall Chapters

"There are a lot of things going on at the same time in Dreamfall Chapters, and Playmaker lets us keep track of it all. With an easy to use interface, and a very flexible toolset, making games with Playmaker is both fun and rewarding!"
Martin Bruusgaard, Design Director, Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters

"Dreamfall Chapters" © Red Thread Games, 2013


"[PlayMaker] has given our designers a lot of freedom to work without needing to rely on code support for every little job,”
Dominic Matthews, Product Manager, Ninja Theory


"Fightback" © Ninja Theory, 2013

Final Football Saga

"Working with Playmaker is like drawing my ideas on paper. I am a veteran coder but I love to see my code ideas in a snapshot." - Ruben Alcaniz

Final Football Saga

"Final Football Saga" © Ruben Alcaniz, 2016

Dear Esther (Unity Port)

"For me, Playmaker is a gateway into a world I’d always considered alien – it’s basically a visual code editor, and for someone who has been using UDK on and off for the past 5-6 years, it made the process of creating functional code in Unity very natural."
Robert Briscoe, Environment Artist and Indie Game Developer

Dear Esther

"Dear Esther" © Robert Briscoe, 2013


"PlayMaker for Unity is awesome because it lets us quickly set up in-game events and cinematics using its visual scripting tool."
Alan Rueda, President, Lab Rats Studio


"M.U.S.E." © Lab Rats Studio, 2011

The Counting Kingdom

"I've worked in the games industry for years, but always as part of a larger team. When I became an independent developer I needed to figure out how to make my own games quickly. Playmaker stood out as an obvious choice - it gives you access to all the power of Unity, while still providing the ease of a visual scripting tool. Playmaker is easy to pick up but also incredibly deep and flexible, and with regular updates and an amazing community there's not much more I could ask for!"
Jenna Hoffstein, Founder, Little Worlds Interactive

Counting Kingdom

"The Counting Kingdom" © Little Worlds Interactive, 2014

The Forest

Endnight Games used PlayMaker to realize the Creature AI in this open world horror game.

The Forest

"The Forest" © Endnight Games, 2014

Dueling Blades

"Playmaker allows my artist to make all the effects without us needing to code anything other than a few tools for sprites."
Joseph Cooper

Duelling Blades

"Dueling Blades" © HourBlast Games, 2011-2012

Tumble The Turtle

"PlayMaker lets a programming-illiterate artist like me get a game out the door without writing a single line of code!"
Mark Arrebola, I Make Things

Tumble The Turtle

"Tumble The Turtle" © Mark Arrebola, 2012

Pat the Cat

Your new best friend, from the creator of the best selling Talking Carl.

Pat The Cat

"Pat the Cat" © Yann le Coroller, 2011-2012

Press 3 To Breed

Winner Global Game Jam Sydney 2011

"Wouldn't have been possible in the time frame without PlayMaker!" - James Murchison, Team Inevitable

Press 3 To Breed

"Press 3 To Breed" © Team Inevitable, 2011-2012

Mecha Squad

100% PlayMaker! Non-stop action! Customize your mecha and fight against the hordes.

Mecha Squad

"Mecha Squad" © Naphelia-Games, 2014

Shopping system and item management made with Playmaker.

Mecha Squad

"Mecha Squad" © Naphelia-Games, 2014

TestLab - No Exit

PlayMaker ships with "TestLab" scenes to help you get up and running quickly.

This sample shows how to setup triggers and buttons in a first person level.

No Exit

TestLab - Add Force

Another TestLab sample: Shows how to target objects and use physics.

Add Force

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