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Visual Scripting for Unity3D

Realize your creative vision without knowing how to program!

  • Visual state machines are intuitive and powerful for beginners and pros!
  • Programmers love visual state machines too.
  • Works with Indie and Pro versions of Unity.

Intuitive Visual Editor

  • Quickly add States and Actions.
  • Connect States with Transitions.
  • Manage Events and Variables.
  • Save time with Templates and Copy/Paste.
  • Integrated Help.

Powerful Debugging

  • Realtime Error Checker finds errors before you hit play!
  • Runtime Debugging lets you watch state machine behavior.
  • Set Breakpoints and Step through state changes.
  • Watch Variables as the game plays.
  • Send Events and Set Variables at any time.
  • Use the Log Window to watch transition events.

Highly Extendible

  • Write Custom Actions and they appear in the editor.
  • Custom Actions available for many popular addons:
  • Photon, 2D Toolkit, iTween, NGUI, Smooth Moves...
  • User Community shares actions on the Forums and Wiki.
  • Open API allows you to make FSMs in code.

Asset Store Reviews

This Completely Revolutionized My Approach to Game Design

Great stuff, this has completely changed the way I develop concepts into games. Allows me to rapidly try out new ideas, and to tweak them to my heart's content.

I am a programmer by trade, and I will say that PlayMaker is an essential tool in my arsenal. Just being good at programming doesn't guarantee you will have the time, energy, or speed that PlayMaker will allow you to iterate on your design and ideas quickly.

If only you knew exactly what you wanted to do when you start writing code in C#, a lot of tools you'll never need. But game design isn't so straightforward, you have to be able to work as close to the speed that you generate ideas as you can. PlayMaker gives me that. Excellent work! Jeez, if only Unity bought these fine folks' company already so it comes as standard for every Unity installation, there would be more quality games on the market!


It is.. everything to me. If I should chose between this and Unity itself, I'd chose this.. which of course does not make any sense at all, but point being that if Unity is the house, then Playmaker is the ocean view. Nah, that did not come out right either.. Love - is that too big a word? No, love it is.

There, I said it. It feels like cheating to use Playmaker, it is the thing. arh.. Just buy it, if you do not like it, I'll pay you the money back myself. Yes, I am that sure, you will love Playmaker, trust me!

An Inspiration Engine

"It’s a solid FSM. It’s a visual scripting tool. It’s a hierarchical logic framework. It’s a time saver. It’s a code-snippet storer. It’s an inspiration engine."


Buy it. Now. Nuff said.